After years of admiring drool worthy foodie blogs, I’ve finally decided to throw my hat into the ever-expanding ring.  This was something I’d intended to do nearly two years ago when I started to stay home with our newborn daughter–because then, I thought, I’d have the time. Ha! I had more time when I slaved away for 50 hours a week managing a busy Chicago restaurant while slowly  working my way through graduate school.  After nearly 15 years, my restaurant days are over…and not just working at them, because wrestling sugar packets away from a shockingly strong toddler’s grip while shoveling your meal in as fast as humanly possible before she makes a scene, usually just isn’t worth it.  I am proud to say my graduate school days are finally over too–I received my MFA degree in Creative Writing last fall.  However, other than a quick Facebook post or my grocery list, there hasn’t been much writing going on over here since I graduated.  There has been a lot of food making.  In fact, a good majority of my day is made up thinking about what to feed my daughter, shopping for it, making it and then quietly seething while I clean up all but the one little mouse-sized bite I nearly forced her to eat.  And repeat.  And then dinner for the husband and I.  While all this food making might sound like a chore, I have really begun to enjoy myself.  Inspired by food blogs, my cookbook collection and favorite celebrity chefs, I have made it my goal to try new things, make more food from scratch, write (yay!) about it on this here little blog and, as always, EAT MORE VEGETABLES!